Phore bootstrap to speed up syncing

Current bootstrap blockheight: 89969

You can speed up the wallet syncing process by using the bootstrap blockchain file, provided below. Download the zip file and once it’s downloaded, you need to:

1.) Extract the bootstrap.dat file
2.) Launch the Phore client wallet. This creates the necessary directory.
3.) Close the wallet.
4.) Place the downloaded file into the “Phore” data directory.

On Windows this is in your home directory, under “AppData\Roaming\Phore”. Easiest way of getting to the AppData directory is to open Windows Explorer and enter “%appdata%” as a path.

On Mac, the path should be “~/Library/App Support/Phore/bootstrap.dat”.

On Linux, it will be “~/.phore/bootstrap.dat”.

Launch the client to start syncing from disk.

Once the client has completed syncing, it will rename the file to “bootstrap.dat.old”. You can now safely delete the file (shut down your wallet before you do this).