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InstaSwap is Thrilled to announce a compendious partnership with Phore

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August 1, 2019 — InstaSwap, the leading privacy-focused non-custodial exchange platform has established a compendious partnership with the Phore Blockchain, one of the most flexible ecosystems on the crypto market. The partnership will see InstaSwap list PHR as well as integrate InstaSwap’s widget at: , providing Phore users with convenient one-click access to the platform. Additionally InstaSwap will deliver a revolutionary Fiat to Crypto system, making Fiat to Crypto rapid & cost-effective.

InstaSwap’s Team said of the partnership: We are more than beatified to be able to set up a Partnership with the most diverse and powerful ecosystem around the crypto world. Our goal together with Phore is to continue building a Privacy focused environment and at the same time to provide to our communities easy and simple exchanges “with a touch of a button”.

<strong class="if iv">About Phore<br /> </strong>Phore is composed of a decentralized blockchain, a network of masternodes, a self-governance system, and several other innovative technologies. Furthermore Phore’s Decentralized Marketplace has much to offer to online shopping companies. The platform offers flexible trading services through its peer-to-peer network. There are no centralized servers and no data aggregation for any purchases that users make. Its multi-language interface enhances its usability for merchants all over the world.

For more information about Phore and their mission, please visit

<strong class="if iv">About InstaSwap</strong>

InstaSwap is a cross-chain non custodial, next generation exchange platform. that aims to change the way people exchange their coins/tokens.

For more information about InstaSwap and our mission, please visit

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