Marketplace Seller Guide (Physical Goods)

Step 1 – Navigation:

Open the Phore Marketplace and click on the (customizable) ‘navigation’ icon which is found in the top right corner.

Select ‘Create Listing’ from the dropdown menu.


Step 2 – Creating a Physical Good listing:

Selling a Physical Good:

1. Enter the ‘Title’ of your item. This is what your listing will appear as when people are browsing the Phore Marketplace.





2. Select ‘Physical Good from the ‘Type’ menu.

3. Write the cost of your item in the ‘Price’ field and choose which currency you wish the item to be priced in.*

4. Select the ‘Condition’ of the item you are selling.

5. Enter your ‘SKU’ (Store Keeping Unit – optional). This is a unique identifier number for your listing. These are for business use rather than individual use.

6. Is your item considered ‘Mature Content’ in the regions you are shipping to? The Phore Marketplace has a filter for ‘Mature Content’ in order to protect minors and other users.

7. Add a ‘Description’ of your item. Make this as accurate as possible.

8. Add ‘Photos’ of your item. You may add up to 30 of these in total, however you MUST include at least one!

9. Add a ‘Shipping Option’. This will include:

*Destinations – Where are you willing to send your item?

*Title – Give customers browsing the Phore Marketplace a quick indication of where your are willing to ship (e.g. US only, International….etc).

*Type – Are you willing to ship your item or do you require the buyer to pick it up from you?

(If you select local pickup the following do not apply)

*Service – What service will you use to send your item? (Standard? Express? Next Day?).

*Estimated Delivery Time – How long approximately will it take for your item to reach the customer?

*Price – Shipping Price for your first item (in PHR)?

*Price – Shipping Price for additional items sent (if you are selling a single quantity of this item please put 0)

You may also choose to add a second shipping option. It is recommended you do this if you wish to have both Fixed Price and Local Pickup as options.

10. Add some ‘Tags’. You should use hashtags (#tag) to make your item as visible as possible within the search engine. The more relevant #tags you use, the more searches your listing will appear in which means you have more chance of making sales!

11. Choose a ‘Category’ (optional). This will help organize your personal store and make it easier for potential customers to navigate. This is recommended if you have multiple listings on the Phore Marketplace. 

12. Add different ‘Variants’ of your item if you have them available – Sizes / Colors / Materials…etc.

13. ‘Inventory Management’ is optional, but highly recommended if you are selling more than one of the same item. If your stock levels hit 0 then your listing will show as ‘out of stock’.

If you have different ‘Variants’ of your items, you can track each of these individually.

14. Add a ‘Return Policy’ (optional). There is no specific criteria for this – the return policy is solely down to the seller.

15. Add ‘Terms and Conditions’ (optional). There is no specific criteria for this – the return policy is solely down to the seller.

16. Add ‘Coupons’ (optional). Do you want to offer a discount to people? Perhaps people who are subscribers to a service you provide…etc.

17. Click ‘Save’ and your listing will be published on the Phore Marketplace!

Congratulations! Your listing can now be found in the ‘Discover’ section of the Phore Marketplace or Directly from your personal store (within the category selected):

*Items are priced in PHR by default, but you may also price your item in a number of FIAT currencies including: GBP, USD, EUR, AUD, CNY and more. The price of your items for sale will automatically update whenever the PHR/FIAT price changes. All transactions will be made in PHR.