Phore Masternodes

The Power of Masternodes

Masternodes play a pivotal role on the Phore blockchain, by providing various decentralized services; Instant transactions and Governance.


Anyone can run a masternode simply by holding 10,000 Phore as collateral in their wallet. And by doing so, you will receive block rewards for helping provide services to the network. The operators of masternodes can also vote on various budget and development proposals.
Masternode Setup

First download the Phore wallet, and send the 10,000 PHR an address in your wallet.

Download the guide to setup on Ubuntu 16.04:

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RasPi setup guide provided by NoxX:

Masternode Setup Video

Masternode Setup Video Tutorial

Video creator: Shanto-LMP

Hosting Services

If you prefer your Masternode to be managed, then use a hosting provider do all the server side stuff. Without the worry, for a small monthly fee…

Host MNS | Masternode Pool


Node VPS

Stats & Tracking
Various services are available to check the current stats for Phore masternodes, price, ROI, current nodes and more. >> Stats >> Stats