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Phore Blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption in Africa

Door June 19, 2019 Geen reacties
Image from Shutterstock

Image from Shutterstock

Fast-evolving technologies such as Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Artificial intelligence, Virtual/ Augmented reality, iot, and others are being researched and developed by different organizations from private to government establishments across the world creating mind-blowing technological solutions to real-world problems and improve businesses and general individual lifestyles worldwide.

Africa is not left out as it follows suit, adapting some of these technologies, especially blockchain and cryptocurrency into various economic sectors across the continent. As the adoption of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency keeps expanding all over Africa, especially in countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa, which are the three biggest cryptocurrency markets in Africa, we see an emerging economy with enormous potentials.

Blockchain technology itself is projected to disrupt a lot of industries globally some of which include; Banking and Payment industries, Crowdfunding, Retail, and E-commerce, etc. With this, there are just no limitations to the possibilities of applications that could be created to solve real-world problems. This is where the Phore Blockchain technology plan to come in as a well-equipped player in disrupting most of these industries.

Phore Blockchain provides an ecosystem that facilitates free and sustainable decentralized commerce. Reaching beyond the core blockchain to include applications and ventures built on top of its platform. Phore Blockchain will provide a robust, secure, private, and completely Decentralized network underpinned by the Phore Coin, PHR. It will consist of a thriving ecosystem of privacy-enabled decentralized applications and a Marketplace that will provide real-world applications to enable private commerce and new privacy-enabled Business models.

Phore blockchain features a decentralized marketplace and crowdfunding applications, various blockchain service business ventures, and blockchain technology platforms such as the Phore cryptocurrency PHR. All running on a super-fast and secured sharding architecture technology built completely from scratch called Synapse.

The Phore Blockchain is built on a decentralized Governance system, with blockchain investment features such as the Phore Masternodes. Phore Blockchain is a decentralized ecosystem designed to facilitate the delivery of real-world solutions and blockchain technology all over Africa and the rest of the world.

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