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Phore Blockchain Releases New Roadmap

By August 13, 2018 No Comments

A few weeks ago we proudly announced meeting all Q2 roadmap milestones. This included being the first pure PoS+MN coin to add segregated witness (SegWit), and adding two new developers to the team. Thanks to all team members for their great work, and to the Phore community for your strong support.

We prioritized useful features over marketing features. For example, we added SegWit that increases transaction throughput up to 100%, and even more importantly to fix transaction malleability to pave the way for secure sidechains and smart contracts.

We have several major projects underway to help achieve Phore’s vision. We have learned a lot getting to this point, and our new roadmap reflects what we believe is needed to provide a robust, secure, and powerful Phore Blockchain ecosystem.

Our future roadmap is focused on adding new capabilities, better security and privacy, and further scalability to the Phore platform and ecosystem. We are prioritizing development of our blockchain technology, and allocating additional resources to delivering and expanding decentralized applications and blockchain services. Real-world adoption requires a strong foundation like the one we are building now.

Blockchain Technology:

  • Scalable Public RPC APIProject “Dendrite”: A public RPC API allows external developers to interact with the Phore blockchain (accepting payments, web wallets, checkout widgets) without running a full-node.
  • New Go WalletProject “Myelin”: The GoPHR Phore wallet will provide an alternative full node implementation improving security of consensus-related features and providing an optimized client for faster syncing and blockchain interaction.
  • Enhanced Secure SPV Wallet ProtocolProject “Axon”: Secure sybil-resistant SPV (Simple Payment Verification)wallets are not possible with a Proof-of-Stake blockchain, but we’re solving this problem by storing the state root of stakeable UTXOs in the block header allowing SPV clients to securely verify the chain.
  • New Stateless GUI WalletProject “Soma”: Project Soma will provide a new front-end to our Go client and implement a new stateless verification mode where full nodes provide Merkle proofs of transaction inputs and state storage is no longer required (full node without needing to store any data).
  • Implementation of ShardingProject “Nucleus”: Sharding splits the Phore blockchain into multiple smaller sidechains which can have different consensus rules and will provide a way to build on Phore without needing to hard fork. Sharding will also provide immense scaling opportunity and block finality without checkpoints or the current solution of providing a maximum reorganization depth.
  • Phore Synapse – Private & Public Smart Contracts: Phore Synapse will be a certain type of shard built into Project “Nucleus” which will allow for smart contract execution on the Phore blockchain.

Decentralized Applications:

  • Phore Marketplace Full Release: Bug fixes and several new features will be introduced to take the Phore Marketplace out of open beta status, to full release.
  • Phore Marketplace Enhanced Secure SPV Wallet:Integration of Project “Axon” secure SPV protocol into the Phore Marketplace embedded wallet.
  • Phore Marketplace Multiple Cryptocurrency Support: Adds support for buying and selling physical and digital goods and services with other cryptocurrencies in addition to Phore.
  • Phore Marketplace Cryptocurrency Trading:Added functionality to the Phore Marketplace to support decentralized, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading.
  • Phore Marketplace Vetted Moderators:Fully vetted moderators will be available to settle any potential disputes between sellers and buyers in the Phore Marketplace.
  • Decentralized Crowdfunding:Implemented into the Phore Marketplace, this is like a decentralized Kickstarter or Indiegogo platform. Individuals, partnerships, or small to mid-sized startups with a brilliant invention or service can use the Phore platform to raise money with much lower fees than other traditional platforms.
  • Phore Marketplace Mobile App:The Phore Marketplace will be released in a mobile app that people can use on the go. It will be especially useful in developing countries where PC’s are not commonly used.
  • Phore Marketplace Web Interface: The Phore Marketplace will be accessible from a web browser and will not require a separate application to be installed.

Other Items:

  • Whitepaper 3.0:The Phore Whitepaper will be updated align with the current vision for Phore Blockchain.
  • Point-of-Sale System (POS) and ATM Integration: PHR will be integrated into a global network of Point-of-Sale (PoS) systems for retail use and ATMs for increased accessibility.
  • Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) Addressing: HD wallets allow for saving and restoring entire wallets with a single seed phrase.
  • Reusable Payment Codes: Payment codes will enhance convenience and privacy by allowing Phore users to share reusable payment codes and build contact lists, while still generating unique Phore addresses for each transaction to prevent revealing your balance or other metadata.
  • Transaction Privacy Improvements: Additional wallet transaction features built on top of the existing Phore protocol to make both Zerocoin and transparent transactions more fungible and private.

We will release further details about these projects in the coming weeks and months.

We are now moving to an agile roadmap system whereby we will provide regular updates on our website about planned items, progress on items under active development, and which items have been delivered. Scheduled release dates will be announced a week or two before release. This will increase our agility and flexibility to take advantage of opportunities as they emerge, respond quickly to community feedback, increase quality, and deliver more useful features sooner.

Rather than forecasting several quarters in advance, we will be updating our progress and priorities much more frequently. New items will be added and prioritized based on community input, industry trends and developments, and available funds and resources. As a result, some features may be delivered sooner, and others may be deferred based on prioritization of our backlog of features. There may be a few surprise features along the way as well.

We truly value feedback from our community and interested parties. Drop into our Discord server or Telegram channel to ask questions and have discussions directly with Phore Blockchain team members.

We also have active communities on TwitterBitcointalk and Reddit.