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Phore Marketplace Development Update

By November 27, 2019 No Comments

Greetings Community!

This post will serve as an update for Phore’s decentralized e-Commerce marketplace. Upcoming changes include bug fixes, UI changes, multi-wallet functionality, and cryptocurrency trading! The focus of these changes is to increase volume on the platform through an improved user experience, as well as solve liquidity problems for merchants. With the fix for these issues in place, we believe that the marketplace volume will increase significantly — benefiting users and holders of Phore.

Bug Fixes

Perhaps the most critical bug that has been removed is the connection issue that many users were experiencing. The newest update of the -Marketplace should finally have all previously known connection issues solved. Other bug fixes include UI related issues and a minor publishing error.

General Updates

Each new release of the Phore Marketplace will include some general updates, things users will encounter on a regular basis, which we feel could be improved. The general updates in the upcoming release include:

  • Wallet resynchronization process Update
  • Refactoring Pages
  • Search Filter
  • Coupons

UI Changes

We are constantly seeking ways to improve the user experience of the Marketplace for both buyers and sellers. Part of this is upgrading the User Interface to allow for easier location of products. To accomplish this, we have implemented a “Categories” feature that can be used as a filter. See below:

Though the listings look a bit bare at the moment, we fully expect the pages to fill out as the marketplace audience grows.


The implementation of a multi-wallet allows buyers and sellers increased flexibility for transactions. Users will soon be able to transact with both Bitcoin and Phore on the marketplace. This helps sellers especially — who will no longer be deterred from using the platform as a result of potential liquidity issues.

Merchants can now choose to accept both PHR and BTC for listings.

As more merchants are on-boarded to the platform, the result on Phore will be two-fold:

  1. Increased awareness of Phore Blockchain and currency.
  2. Increased adoption of Phore currency through its benefits on the platform.

As the Phore Marketplace development progresses, we will look to implement more and more currencies for users to transact with. We want the platform to be incredibly versatile in order to achieve maximum adoption.

Here is a snapshot of the new, sleek multi-wallet design:

Users can now deposit Bitcoin to the Phore Marketplace.

Users can now deposit Bitcoin to the Phore Marketplace.

Phore Wallet

Phore Wallet

Expanded Crypto Trading Capabilities

The latest update allows both Bitcoin and Phore to be traded for numerous other cryptocurrencies. The system used adds the capability for over 1500+ currencies to be traded, but we will begin with only the more popular options. More options will be added upon demand and volume.

By making numerous currencies available to trade with Phore, we are breaking down barriers to owning PHR by allowing users to trade numerous different currencies for it. As a result of this, we expect to see more liquidity for PHR, which will inevitably create higher volume and demand for the token.

When can you expect to see this new release?

This updated version of the Phore Marketplace is currently in testing. Barring any unforeseen bugs, we expect to have this release out before the end of the year.

Please note: This will still be a beta version of the Phore Marketplace. A full version of the Marketplace is expected soon after and will include the ability to list items and trade with many more cryptocurrencies. Stay tuned!

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