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Phore “Synapse” Sharding Architecture Development Update — October 2019

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Get caught up on what’s happening with the development of Phore’s new sharding architecture, code named, “Synapse”.

What Is Phore “Synapse”?

Synapse is the code name for Phore’s new leading edge blockchain architecture technology — made possible through the implementation of sharding. Synapse is the architecture through which token creation, smart contracts, and unparalleled transaction speeds will operate.

How Does Synapse Work?

Synapse is comprised of a few critical components: The beacon module, validator modules, shard modules, and relayer modules.

The Beacon Chain is what handles all of the proof-of-stake transactions, and acts as the “main” network chain.

Validator Modules interact with the beacon module. These modules are what produce the blocks for the beacon chain, and handle the user-end proof-of-stake functionalities.

The Shard Module acts as the “executor” for all of the side-chains. It executes code for all of the side-chains and keeps them in sync with the beacon chain.

The Relayer Module is the data management portion of the system. It keeps track of the entire state of each shard. Relayers then package up transactions submitted to the network and advertise these packages to validators. Validators can then ensure that the packages validate without the entire state. This module allows validators to execute transactions without syncing the entire state.

Progress Report

Over the past month, much progress has been accomplished in regards to the respective modules. Here is where each of them stand:

Beacon Chain: Essentially complete for the testnet, only requiring a few minor bug fixes.

Validator Modules: Essentially complete, with additional optional features (such as remote control) yet to be built out. These optional features are not critical for the launch of the Synapse testnet.

Shard Module: Most recent estimation is ~30% complete. The code to ask relayers for transaction packages is yet to be finished.

Relayer Module: This module is nearing completion, and many of its functionalities will need to be integrated into the Shard module.

The development team has been hard at work creating a testnet to ensure that the Synapse blockchain functions correctly. It is able to start all of the modules simultaneously, mine several blocks, create another “node”, mine several more blocks and then check to ensure both clients are synced to the same block. Commit here.

Other updates include:

Minor bugs in the beacon client have been fixed to smooth out the syncing process.

P2P functionality for the relayer module is being tested.

Synapse is nearing the end of its development phase and is very close to being completely functional. All of the modules are in the troubleshooting phase, leaving only minor bug fixes and network security hardening to be completed.

Synapse Wallet

Work on the Synapse Wallet has commenced, and a basic wallet for testing purposes is functional. Money has been successfully sent over the Synapse network, but until the P2P module is complete, these transactions have been exclusively local.

Synapse Block Explorer

The back end for the Synapse Block explorer has been written, and the front end is under development. Basic data is able to be viewed, though currently lacks any styling or branding. A wireframe for the front end layout has been completed and is currently being implemented.

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