Phore x NFTStudio Partnership

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Today we will explore some of the details regarding the partnership between NFTStudio and Phore.  NFTStudio was started in 2021 and helps artists create interoperable NFTs that their fans can mint, explore and collect.  Creators can mint their NFTs which are then permanently recorded and verified on the Ethereum blockchain, establishing guarantee of authenticity and proof of ownership.  Collectors can acquire our NFTs, each of which is authenticated and digitally signed by its creator.  Some of the creators presently featured by NFTStudio are: 

Simone Benyacar is an award winning composer who has been playing piano since the age of 4.  An Italian native, he moved to the USA to study composition where he graduated from UCLA in Composition and Musicology.  A classically trained pianist, he has been composing musical scores for movies and television for the last twenty years.  The projects under his belt include scores for Lord of the Rings, Mission Impossible, Harry Potter, Transformers, Joy, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, to name a few.  Simone has also written custom audio mnemonics, like ones seen in popular advertisements,  for companies like Pepsi, Amazon Studios and others.  He is also the founder of Out of Office Music, a full service music shop which connects companies with high-level talent.  Simone currently has his first NFT collection entitled Prequel available on OpenSea

Artists on the roster include Abstrucked, a Digital Artist/Designer from Sardinia who is responsible for the piece entitled “Rocky Road”, which is available on OpenSea along with his other art works.

Another artist on the list is Turinglabs, who is a blockchain developer and AI-generated art specialist who is always working on improving his scripts in order to aid the imagination of the always learning and improving AIs.  His artwork can be seen on his Rarible account.

A chart showing the increase in the number of unique wallets which bought or sold an asset.  Source

NFTStudio is a newer platform and it is still in development but they are accepting artists through their Discord, with more artists to be announced.  There will be 7 unique artworks created, each with increasing levels of scarcity.  The artwork sets are as follows:

1000 copies of artwork #1
500 copies of artwork #2
250 copies of artwork #3
125 copies of artwork #4
50 copies of artwork #5
25 copies of artwork #6
10 copies of artwork #7

The NFT artworks will be available for minting and distribution on the Polygon network, upon recommendation from NFTStudio.  The fees are also super low. Phore addresses containing a balance will be randomly selected to receive an NFT.  In order to redeem them, users will need to verify that they own the address.  Instructions on how to go through the process will be provided.