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Graphene Snapshot Two— Details

Graphene is a next-generation Blockchain architecture that makes use of the CASPER staking consensus protocol, being developed by the Phore Blockchain team. The architecture is currently in late-stage development and is written in Go.

There are to be Six (6) Snapshots in total. April 11th represents Snapshot Two (2).

Airdrop Information — Snapshot Two

A Snapshot will be taken of Phore Blockchain balances on <strong>April 11th at 23:59pm GMT</strong>.

Addresses containing a PHR balance at this time will be eligible for the Graphene Airdrop at a rate of 1.66GFN per 1PHR.

Personal Wallets

<em class="kq">The Phore Bloc<span id="rmm">k</span>chain and Graphene teams recommend that PHR is stored in a personal wallet where you have control of your own private keys.</em>

Phore users who hold PHR in personal desktop wallets will be eligible for the Graphene airdrop.

Phore users who hold PHR in Android wallets* will be eligible for the Graphene airdrop. Android users will need access to a desktop computer and your wallet seed words to redeem Graphene tokens — this to prove ownership of PHR addresses that cannot be done from within a mobile wallet.


The following exchanges have confirmed their support for the Graphene airdrop:

Other exchanges, including LATOKEN, are yet to give confirm whether or not they will support the airdrop. We will be in contact with all unconfirmed parties over the next week and will submit any change of status in this article.

When will I get my Graphene Tokens?

More information about the distribution of Graphene tokens will be coming within the next week.

<strong class="hv cd">Graphene will be available before the end of the Snapshots.</strong>

<em class="kq">Please note: Our Android wallet is currently facing difficulties. A fix to this is in development and will be published very soon. These difficulties do not affect balances and you will still be eligible for the Graphene Airdrop. If you have sent PHR to your android wallet address, you own those tokens and will see them upon applying the update.</em>

Stay tuned for more Graphene related updates!

For now — Visit phore.IO I to learn more about Graphene.

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