Marketplace Seller Guide (Physical Goods)

Step 1 – Navigation:

Open the Phore Marketplace and click on the (customizable) ‘navigation’ icon which is found in the top right corner.

Select ‘Create Listing’ from the dropdown menu.


Step 2 – Creating a Physical Good listing:

<b>Selling a Physical Good:</b>

1. <b>Enter the ‘Title’ of your item</b>. This is what your listing will appear as when people are browsing the Phore Marketplace.





2. <b>Select ‘</b><b><i>Physical Good</i></b><b>’</b> from the ‘Type’ menu.

3. <b>Write the cost of your item</b> in the ‘Price’ field and choose which currency you wish the item to be priced in.*

4. <b>Select the ‘Condition’ of the item you are selling</b>.

<strong>5. Enter your ‘SKU’ (Store Keeping Unit – optional)</strong>. This is a unique identifier number for your listing. These are for business use rather than individual use.

<strong>6. Is your item considered ‘Mature Content’ in the regions you are shipping to?</strong> The Phore Marketplace has a filter for ‘Mature Content’ in order to protect minors and other users.

7. <b>Add a ‘Description’ of your item</b>. Make this as accurate as possible.

8. <b>Add ‘Photos’ of your item</b>. You may add up to 30 of these in total, however you <b>MUST</b> include at least one!

9. <b>Add a ‘Shipping Option’</b>. This will include:

*Destinations – Where are you willing to send your item?

*Title – Give customers browsing the Phore Marketplace a quick indication of where your are willing to ship (e.g. US only, International….etc).

*Type – Are you willing to ship your item or do you require the buyer to pick it up from you?

<b>(If you select local pickup the following do not apply)</b>

<b> </b>
*Service – What service will you use to send your item? (Standard? Express? Next Day?).

*Estimated Delivery Time – How long approximately will it take for your item to reach the customer?

*Price – Shipping Price for your first item (in PHR)?

*Price – Shipping Price for additional items sent (if you are selling a single quantity of this item please put 0)

You may also choose to add a second shipping option. It is recommended you do this if you wish to have both Fixed Price <b>and</b> Local Pickup as options.

10. <b>Add some ‘Tags’</b>. You should use hashtags (#tag) to make your item as visible as possible within the search engine. The more relevant #tags you use, the more searches your listing will appear in which means you have more chance of making sales!

11. <b>Choose a ‘Category’</b> (optional). This will help organize your personal store and make it easier for potential customers to navigate. This is recommended if you have multiple listings on the Phore Marketplace. 

12. <b>Add different ‘Variants’</b> of your item if you have them available – Sizes / Colors / Materials…etc.

13. <b>‘Inventory Management’</b> is optional, but highly recommended if you are selling more than one of the same item. If your stock levels hit 0 then your listing will show as ‘out of stock’.

If you have different ‘Variants’ of your items, you can track each of these individually.

14. <b>Add a ‘Return Policy’</b> (optional). There is no specific criteria for this – the return policy is solely down to the seller.

15. <b>Add ‘Terms and Conditions’</b> (optional). There is no specific criteria for this – the return policy is solely down to the seller.

<b>16. Add ‘Coupons’</b> (optional). Do you want to offer a discount to people? Perhaps people who are subscribers to a service you provide…etc.

17. <b>Click ‘Save’ and your listing will be published on the Phore Marketplace!</b>

<b>Congratulations! Your listing can now be found in the ‘Discover’ section of the Phore Marketplace or Directly from your personal store (within the category selected):</b>

*Items are priced in PHR by default, but you may also price your item in a number of FIAT currencies including: GBP, USD, EUR, AUD, CNY and more. The price of your items for sale will automatically update whenever the PHR/FIAT price changes. All transactions will be made in PHR.