Marketplace Seller Guide (Physical Goods)

<strong>1) Open the marketplace app.</strong>

<strong>2) Click on the “discover” tab on the top right of the store (underlined in green here).</strong>

<strong>3) Select the item you wish to purchase.</strong>

<strong>4) Once you have selected an item to purchase, you will be taken to the seller’s store.You have the option of messaging the seller should you have any questions, follow them for product updates, or block them, should you wish.</strong>

<strong>5) You can then select the amount you would like to purchase and the payment methods accepted.</strong>

<strong>6) Scrolling down, you can see a description of the item, image(s), and any reviews.</strong>

<strong>7) The shipping options are listed below. Simply select your country of origin and your preferred shipping method listed.</strong>

<strong>8) Finally, some sellers have a Refund Policy and Terms of Service. Please be aware of this prior to making your purchase. Should you have any questions, you can always message the seller with the “message” option at the top of their store.</strong>


<strong>9) Once you have decided to make a purchase click the “Buy Now” Icon.</strong>

<strong>10) On the next page, enter your shipping information, email (optional) and any memo you would like to send to the seller.</strong>

<strong>11) Once you have entered your information, click on “PAY” and you will see the following popup:</strong>

<strong>12) The next page will prompt you to “PAY FROM WALLET”. Click on this to pay with your Phore Marketplace wallet.</strong>

<strong>13) You will then receive one more prompt to confirm your payment.</strong>

<strong>14) And that’s it! You have made a purchase on the Phore Marketplace!</strong>