The Phore Team

Meet the people behind the Phore project, funded through the blockchain

Phroshi Founder, Lead Developer

Phroshi is a leader with skills in C++/C. Software & Web Development

Julian Meyer
Julian Meyer Software Engineer

Julian is an experienced developer skilled in Javascript, Python and Go. His previous works include several Ethereum related projects such as; Ethdasm, Sequelize, TinyEth, Electron Microscopy Software

Moonshot Full Stack Developer

High Level Tech Consultant

Pamela Paige
Pamela Paige Marketing Manager

Pamela is a real estate developer in New York City who specializes in connecting high-level commercial developers across state lines. In her off time, she has been featured in several prestigious magazines as a professional photographer. Shooting editorials for magazines such as Dark Beauty and Maxim.

Ramon Freriks
Ramon Freriks Marketing

Ramon is internet entrepreneur & online marketing expert with 10+ years of experience in Online Advertising & Growth Hacking.

Shant Kel Khatcherian - Shanto-LMP
Shant Kel Khatcherian – Shanto-LMP Head of Operations

Strategy / Community Management

Thomas Ambler - Sage
Thomas Ambler – Sage Communications Manager

Thomas has experience in a range of different business industries and environments. He has a degree in business management and specializes in ensuring smooth communication is had between the team alongside assisting strategic direction.

Anthony Alleyne - Ubermaster
Anthony Alleyne – Ubermaster Strategy & Partnerships

Anthony has diverse project management, negotiation and investment skills and experience in cryptocurrency, filmmaking, and higher education.

Tobias Thecat
Tobias Thecat Advisor

Professional Skills: Business Startup and Talent Scout. Previous Work: Business startup, Project Development, Ph.D. in Psychology

Shunsuke Kurita - liray-unendlich
Shunsuke Kurita – liray-unendlich Advisor & Technical Support

Shunsuke is a masternode and crypto enthusiast. He has lot of experience about masternode, and marketing in Japanese. He has a master in physics.

Harrison Fischberg
Harrison Fischberg Advisor

Willich Legal Consultant

Legal Consultant