Meet the people behind the Phore Blockchain project

Michael Trisko


Experience: 25+ years technology consulting and software development. Led development for payment-related Software-as-a-Service startup that transfers billions of dollars monthly, and was later acquired for over $500 million. Consulting clients include multiple Fortune 100 financial services and technology companies, managing complex technology programs and implementing large scale systems.

Thomas Ambler


With a formal education in Business, Math and Economics alongside a passion for technology, entering the crypto industry was a natural progression for Thomas. He has a strong entrepreneurial background in the emerging industry of esports amongst others and brings a wealth of business knowledge and experience to Phore Blockchain.

Julian Meyer

Core developer

A key member of the Phore Blockchain development team, Julian has developed various Ethereum disassemblers and decompilers as well as several different blockchain applications relating to sales systems.

Wang Qi

Core developer

Wang has over 18 years of professional development experience in mobile gaming and desktop software. He has strong C++ skills and is competent in many other technologies. He has created several open source projects and brings blockchain experience to Phore as a core developer.

Jeroen Blevi

UI Designer

Jeroen is an experienced GUI designer and support engineer on the Phore Blockchain development team and has been involved in the crypto realm since 2011. He also serves as a Dutch translator for Phore, as well as for several projects.

Phillip Ambler

Head of Operations

Phillip has over 25 years financial advice experience in the UK regulated financial services sector, bringing organizational knowledge to the Phore Blockchain ecosystem.

Tom Berg

Strategic Advisor

Mr. Berg serves as a strategic advisor to the Phore Blockchain project. He is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of The Digital Ledger, a blockchain consulting firm serving several high profile clients, including a US launched, crypto-asset Hedge Fund. He frequently engages in speaking events to educate financial and retail investors about this emerging technology.

Taylor Margot

Strategic Advisor

Taylor is a business attorney and serves as a Strategic Advisor to Phore. He is experienced with matters relating to corporate governance, finance and securities, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic alliances. He also has experience with transactional matters, entity formations and venture capital financing.

Samuel Falkon

Strategic Advisor

serves as a Strategic Advisor to the Phore Blockchain project. Samuel has vast experience in the digital currency and fintech industry. As a serial entrepreneur, he was among the first Bitcoin supporters in Israel who helped to bring crypto activity to the hi-tech environment by creating alliances between funds, VCs and Israel's leading blockchain projects. He is the Co-Founder and VP of Business Development of COTI, a blockchain platform optimized for use in payment networks.

Erik Velie


Mr. Velie serves as General Legal Counsel to Phore Blockchain. He is the founder of Victory Law Group, LLP, which focuses on litigation and transactional matters. He has a special interest in technology and cryptocurrency, and has assisted in blockchain business matters since 2017. He earned his Doctor of Jurisprudence from University of Southern California School of Law.

Shunsuke Kurita

Technical Support & Japanese Community manager

Shunsuke is a leader in the Japanese Phore community, as well as a miner and masternode enthusiast. He is also a Japanese translator and is studying for his bachelor’s degree as a Physics major, focusing on Particle Physics.


Community and Human Resource Advisor

Toby has spent the last several years studying cryptocurrencies and brings his experience to Phore Blockchain serving to bring key talent to the project. A particular interest of his is computer-human interaction. He also has a strong interest in applying techonology to improve peoples' lives who are in need.

Cindy DeBonis

Compliance Manager

Cindy brings over 10 years of experience as a Compliance Manager and has worked for various Fortune 500 clients, both in French and English. She oversees the integrity of the Phore Blockchain project, by ensuring that all departments are complying with global rules and regulations.

Noel Kowal

Head of Research and Education

Noel actively follows the developments of blockchain and related technologies, emerging companies in the industry, and their potential relation to Phore Blockchain. He has been a crypto-enthusiast since 2011 and holds a doctorate degree with over a decade of experience in research and education.

Taufik Rizal

Graphic Designer

Taufik Rizal has 8 years of experience working as graphic designer. Joining crypto and blockchain community in 2016, and since then focusing his work in its industry. His expertise in designing marketing and promotional graphic has helped many blockchain and crypto projects grow.

Marco Moshi


Marco is an entrepreneur with a deep interest in blockchain, IT and marketing. He contributes to the growth of the Phore Blockchain community


Panama Crypto


Panama Crypto is an industrial engineer with +12 years of experience altogether in marketing, finance, project management, and, process improvement. Has a weakness for tech-innovation, specially crypto and sharing knowledge. He will be assisting in the strategic direction of Phore.

Mr. ฿ackwards


Mr. Backwards bought his first crypto in 2014, but his journey really took off when starting his Twitter account early ‘17. He is based in Amsterdam and has a broad network of influential connections, on- and offline. His ability to read the market sentiment allows him to successfully anticipate on trends or shifts of interest.