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Core Development Update — 02/18/2020

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Greetings Community!

We hope that you all are enjoying the new year. The Phore Development team has ushered in 2020 with a bang — dutifully working away at the next Core Wallet update. This article will serve to bring you up to speed on the primary improvements. All items described in this article have already been completed!

New Wallet Features

The latest edition of the wallet will be equipped with a few new features which include HD addressing with seed words, and new RPC commands. Users will be able to create new wallets using a certain set of seed words to create their public/private key pairs. Note: it is imperative that users keep a physical written copy of their wallet seed words. This seed can then be used to recover future key pairs and serves as a permanent key backup.

New RPC (Remote Procedure Call) commands will be available to support a BitPay API command set. This makes it easier for Phore to be integrated in 3rd party platforms that use the BitPay API.

Bug Fixes

Several bugs have been identified and fixed, including:

  • Editing Masternode entries using the GUI interface.
  • A coin selection error that says “transaction too large” was rectified through improving the coin selection algorithm.
  • When creating proposals with a locked wallet, the GUI will now prompt you for your password. Before this, the proposal had to be canceled and re-entered after unlocking.
  • Staking algorithm improvements.

On The Horizon

We are working on a number of performance improvements to reduce CPU and memory usage, and make wallet and Masternode response times faster. We have already completed development and are beginning testing of several significant performance improvements. Wallet updates with the aforementioned features will be rolled out in the coming weeks/months. Along with a revitalized wallet will come a new roadmap that will set the project’s course for 2020 and beyond.

Listings and Other News

Phore blockchain has listed on the Flits mobile Masternode hosting platform. Users are now able to run their nodes directly on their iOS and Android devices at the lowest rates available (just $1.99 per month). Flits offers many advantages over other hosting solutions, such as:

  • Mobile Convenience
  • Control of Private Keys
  • Fast and Easy node start-up

Check out the Flits website for more information.

We are also proud to announce that Phore is now listed on LATOKEN! is a major, global cryptocurrency exchange, as well as the largest IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) market on the planet with over 400,000 platform users and 1.5 million visitors per month. A huge step towards bringing Phore to the masses!

We cannot disclose the specific listing fee but it was far more than what we had reserved in our exchange listing fund. Members of the team have put up a significant amount from their own pockets to make this happen for the Phore community. We would appreciate any contributions you can make to help offset the cost of this listing, and to help us be able to afford more exchange listings in the future.

BTC address: 3AUzztDVNbgnXWXs3sNpdeb5o3hCLHTLZc

ETH address: 0xda1fA7f2eeeC25C9043d270Ada98D85582290dFD

USDT/LTC addresses available on request.

All funds contributed to these addresses will be for exchange listing purposes only!

Stay tuned for more updates on the development of Phore Blockchain!

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